Things to do When SEO Campaign Doesn’t Work

The last thing that you can expect from your SEO campaign is to fail. After spending a lot of time and money, building content, contacting right people, ensuring your social media presence and doing everything you could, it would surely be very disappointing when nothing happens.

A major fact, which is also the saddening one, is that most of the SEO campaigns don’t give the results as they are expected to. There could be many reasons for that but it’s worth mentioning here that SEOs need to anticipate such situations. Also, it is to be kept in mind that inability of a SEO campaign doesn’t necessarily mean that its strategy is the flawed one.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the major reasons why SEO campaigns fail.

Budget limitation or miscalculation

If you have some expectations regarding outcome of your Amazon SEO campaign, it is important to allocate realistic budget for the process. Many of SEO campaigns fail because business owners tend to think that in order to get better results from SEO campaign, one doesn’t require much of a budget. Remember, just because SEO is based on techniques that involve working on majority of free websites doesn’t mean it’s a cost effective marketing process. SEO costs more than what most of the people may think. The major difference is that SEO provides much better ROI as compared to other marketing methods.

Setting unrealistic goals


Expecting too much and too unrealistic from a SEO campaign is a chronic flaw that business owners are found to have in their thinking. The fact is that SEO, like any other marketing method, is a lengthy process that too involves probabilities of success and failure. So, expecting your website to rank against all of related keywords at top position in SERPs is not the genuine goal you can set.

What you need is trying to achieve the top rank against one main keyword related to your niche. If the SEO process goes well and you get the result, you can carry the momentum forward to get similar results against other keywords too. Remember, it’s not possible to get top rank against several keywords during an overnight. This process can take several months given that your SEO approach is quite a robust one.

Things that you can do in case your SEO process doesn’t provide results are as follows.

  • You may want to take a break for indefinite time after seeing your SEO approach not being very result oriented. However, this approach only makes things more complicated when you return. You will lose all your grounds after making so much effort if you quit. Nevertheless, you can correct things if you immediately re-evaluate the results and try to figure out the reason that caused failure. No wonder if the problem could be resolved easily; for instance, you may only need to rework on the content in order to make it more SEO friendly.
  • If you find out that there was nothing wrong with the SEO campaign, then it’s the tough competition that pushed you down. In that case, try the same procedure more vigorously. Again, don’t expect awesome results the entire time.

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